Use of drum washing machine coup big run

Issuing time:2018-01-03 17:55
1. heating washing.
2. pre-wash: from pre-wash dirty clothes can start washing.
3, pretreatment: dirty parts such as collars, cuffs, spray a little collar NET.
4, soak: deep pre-washing of dirty clothing optional for good programs for a while, and then disconnect the power soak several hours later, power washing again, the washing effect better.
5, the use of low foaming detergent: high bubble detergent foams too much (particularly when heated wash), the significant reduction of washing, rinsing, low foaming detergent, washing work best to make clothes cleaner.
6, the water temperature higher use cold water when washing;
7, according to the clothing material materials select the wash water temperature;
8, according to the clothing of the net start washing procedures for selecting different degrees of dirty, dirty clothes are not too choose the quick wash, water, saving electricity, saves time.
9, rolling drum washing machine washing machine water after half a minute before disconnecting the power supply, then put detergent; reconnect to the power supply, improves utilization 20% detergents.
10, heated wash fully stimulate the activity of enzymes, effectively reducing detergent consumption, save detergent.
11, according to how much washing investing some washing-up liquid.
12, general chemical fiber clothes washing time is 3 minutes, cotton fabrics and bedclothes to 7 minutes. Washing machine timer ticks normally no less than 15 minutes, because 10 min will be able to obtain the same washing effect, no amount is wasted. Dehydration can be a 1 minute.

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